National Treasure movie review

National Treasure Movie Review

So I sat down to watch National Treasure the other night in time for the rumoured release of National Treasure 3, it was Monday; I know it was Monday because my Friend and long-time Companion had popped by when he finished work. Monday is the chefs count and stock take day so they can get out the restaurant normally by 5pm. Anyway he stopped by with a smile on his face, he had got himself two bargains that day; firstly he got 2 Easter eggs for $2 and secondly he got National Treasure on DVD for $3 in the broken case basket, at the corner of the isle in the shop! Of course I put coffees on, turned off the lights and settled down for 100mins of Nick Cage doing his thing! Gripping, what a pleasure to watch. The story line is enticing and keeps you wanting more and more comes along, just like magic.

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The characters make you feel like you want to solve the mystery along with them, just go along with the ride. Nick Cage is the Modern day hero I the first of two, hopefully three adventures National Treasure by Disney. Benjamin Franklin Gates played by Cage is looking for clues to find the treasure, hidden in history, where the rules were different and secrets were designed to be kept just that, a secret.

Hidden by the founding fathers of previous generations Ben gets his clues and chases them through Washington and Philadelphia. This film opens the mind and gets you to start thinking about where the secrets are hidden. The whole cast for this Movie is good with Sean Bean playing to his usual high standards and leading lady must get a little mention here with Diane Kruger playing Abigail the true hero’s Valkyrie.

As the plot thickens and the story unravels and Ben gets closer to the truth, he has to steal the declaration of independence, risky to say the least. As the viewer you are gripped to find the truth too; I’m sure Ben can be forgiven as he has the greater good behind his motives. It’s fun to watch and although I didn’t have any children present while watching; I would say the Movie is family friendly.

It reminds me of a slightly more fun Indian Jones, and when I say fun I mean there’s less gore that the children don’t want to see. Overall a fun little movie, all round and summarizing I’d say the baddies were just bad enough and Nick played his role down to the T, with a little Standard Nick Cage attitude thrown in for good measure. It’s hard to review a Movie without giving away any spoilers, but take my word for it its worth seeing, and next week I’ll let you all know what the second in the National Treasure series has to offer, I hope it will be as much fun as the first.

Go and get the Movie, if you have it watch it again! Films are always better second time round. Well that’s what i think anyway.

Next Monday Movie night is going to be National Treasure 2, let’s hope we can get more cheap chocolate again.

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